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Custom Bespoke Spreadsheets for Business

Spreadsheets give businesses the gift of insight.

They say, “knowledge is power”. In business, data (or ‘knowledge’) is everything. Whenever you want to improve something you need to know the starting point. A spreadsheet is a simply a tool for business to pull together information you know now, analyse the current situation and produce scenarios for improvement.

In the right hands a custom built spreadsheet can be revolutionary for any business. It's, “truly eye-opening”.

At Osqoa, we are business specialists first and spreadsheet experts second. We see spreadsheets simply as a tool to acquire the knowledge to improve a business and be flexible to grow, providing constant feedback.

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Examples of key business areas where custom spreadsheets are deployed;

- Automating or semi-automating regular business reports
- Sales split by spend categories, £0-£50, £50-100, etc.
- Sales Churn – how many customers are leaving
- Sales by Demographic – Age, Gender, Location, etc.
- Profitability by Sales size or type
- Marketing Campaign analysis
- Search Engine Traffic analysis
- Web Site Visitor analysis

These are some classic examples. Each business is different of course and there are endless possibilities.

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What can Osqoa do for You?

We like to think it’s simple. You tell us in plain English what you want to look at, analyse or improve. We ‘translate’ that to a custom built spreadsheet, tailored specifically for your business.

Our aim is always to build a spreadsheet that will grow with you and your business. In most cases the spreadsheet starts small but quickly becomes invaluable. We weld flexibility in to the foundation of every spreadsheet we build. Then it’s more cost effective for you when you want it to do more.

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What does a bespoke spreadsheet cost?

Each spreadsheet is as unique as the business it’s created for so it’s impossible to have a fixed price menu. We have to quote for each job.

Osqoa operate a low fixed cost methodology. This means we keep rates as low as possible for you.

Contact us outlining what you want to achieve and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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